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If you have a question about our site or products, please contact us by email: contactus@utahmakes.com We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Interested in adding your products to Utah Makes:

Please email us if you have a Utah made product and are interested in adding it to our site, please email us at: contactus@utahmakes.comĀ  Please include in your email: your contact info, your website/description of your local Utah business, product price, product description, and product available quantity. We would love to see what you are making.

Interested in purchasing large orders or gift purchases for business use:

We do have discounts for large orders and for large orders intended as business gifts. Specifically, our Utah made gift baskets have discounts depending upon the number ordered. Please email us with large order requests in advance before purchasing online so that we can let you know of possible discounts. Please include in your email: your contact info, name of product(s) desiring to purchase, quantity of product(s), and when these products need to be delivered. Email us at: contactus@utahmakes.com