Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl

Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl


This beautifully crafted Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl is ready to be filled with the most delicious, rich dips and crunchy chips. Enjoy a party with food and style. Swirls of vivid purples and deep sea greens give this bowl a unique and stunning appearance. It is an original design of the artist and then molded, painted, and glazed by hand. As each ceramic bowl is one-of-a-kind and made by hand, the glazed shades of colors will differ with each bowl. Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl is made in Utah with skill and expertise.

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Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl Facts

Custom made by the artist, original design, ceramic materials, made by hand; item measures 12″ x 12″. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl is one of many custom Utah products and unique Utah gifts.

Chip & Dip Ceramic Bowl is made by Larrabee Ceramics in Park City, UT.

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Weight 106 oz


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