Creamed Honey Tub
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Creamed Honey Tub


12 oz of rich Creamed Honey Tub with delicious raw honey and a variety of flavors. Thick, smooth, and spreadable, creamed honey is a wonderful treat to put on toast, pancakes, sandwiches, and melt in your favorite warm drinks. From tangy raspberry to smooth vanilla and spicy cinnamon, there’s more than one favorite flavor for everyone. Plus, Creamed Honey Tub is made in Utah.

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Product Description

Creamed Honey Tub Ingredients

Creamed raw honey, high fructose corn syrup, water, food starch, citric acid, raspberries/orange flavoring/or cinnamon, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sugar, locust gum, salt, carmine. Creamed Honey Tub is one of many flavorful Utah gifts.

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Creamed Honey Tub is made by Cox Honeyland in Northern Utah.

Additional Information

Weight 12 oz
Creamed Honey Flavors

Blackberry, Cinnamon, Natural, Orange, Raspberry, Vanilla


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