Homemade Jelly

Homemade Jelly


This beautiful glass jar contains 8 oz of delicious, Homemade Jelly. Firm, smooth, and full of flavor this gourmet topping tastes as if it was just made. Packed with fresh fruit, this jelly has hearty, deep flavors with a sweet taste. From rich red currant to juicy peach, there’s more than one favorite flavor for everyone. Homemade Jelly is made by hand in Utah.

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Product Description

Homemade Jelly Ingredients

Pure pomegranate juice/peaches/cherry juice and cherries/or currants, sugar, all natural fruit pectin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and citric acid. Homemade Jelly is one of many delicious Utah products.

Homemade Jelly is made by Pioneer Valley in Orem, UT.

Additional Information

Weight 9 oz
Jelly Flavors

Black Currant, Cherry Bubblegum, Peach Pineapple Paradise, Pomegranate, Red Currant


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