Marble Push Game

Marble Push Game


This hand carved, hexagonal Marble Push Game board is custom designed and made with the finest hardwoods. The beautifully crafted game is the perfect combination of workmanship and a classic board game. A two player game requiring strategy in order to push your opponents’ marbles off the board. Marble Push Game is made in Utah with skill and expertise.

Product Description

Marble Push Game Includes

Hand carved board 11″ in diameter, colorful  marbles, and instructions. Hardwoods used to create board include: cherry, walnut, oak, alder, maple, ash, hickory, and mahogany. Marble Push Game is one of many custom Utah products and unique Utah gifts.

Marble Push Game is made by Marble Board Games in Sandy, Utah.

Additional Information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 1 in


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