Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains Contents

Rocky Mountains


Rugged, delicious and gourmet items fill the Rocky Mountains gift set. Deep browns and jagged edges represent the beautiful mountains of Utah. The handmade ceramic soup bowl is overflowing with artisan soap, hand carved wooden game, hand stitched leather wrist band and delicious handcrafted brittle. Enjoy this custom gift basket that includes insert card and a large, red floral bow. Rocky Mountains gift is made in Utah.

Product Description

Rocky Mountains Contents

All items are made in Utah: hand molded ceramic soup bowl, hand stitched buckle leather wrist band, hand crafted peanut brittle, handmade artisan olive oil soap, hand carved wooden game. Rocky Mountains is filled with custom Utah products and artisan Utah gifts.

Rocky Mountains is made by Utah Makes in American Fork, Utah.

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Weight 45 oz


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