Skin Silk Organic Lotion
Skin Silk Organic LotionSkin Silk Organic Lotion

Skin Silk Organic Lotion


Silky, smooth organic lotion with deeply moisturizing and healing affects. Skin Silk Organic Lotion uses only premium, organic ingredients to create a rich and nourishing body and facial lotion. Feel the effects of glowing, smooth skin from applying a lotion that doesn’t use any preservatives, alcohol, toxins, or substandard ingredients. Plus, it’s an organic lotion that isn’t greasy and is easily absorbed by your skin. Each lotion order is made fresh, contains 4 oz of lotion, and arrives in a beautiful glass jar. Skin Silk Organic Lotion is made with skill and expertise in Utah.

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Product Description

Skin Silk Organic Lotion Ingredients

Raw Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils, Organic Bees Wax. Enjoy the benefits of great skin from Skin Silk Organic Lotion ingredients. Coconut Oil protects and heals skin from harmful sun damage. Aloe Vera Gel increases skin hydration to reduce age lines and speeds up the process of healing. Vitamin E Oil is an antioxidant that boosts collagen production to treat and prevent wrinkles. Bees Wax combines the ingredients and seals the lotion to your skin while also letting your skin breath. Skin Silk Organic Lotion is one of many artisan Utah products and premium Utah gifts.

Lavender Bliss: sweet, soft scents of lavender essential oil create a calming and nourishing effect for your skin. Perfect for relaxing and healing.

Citrus Delight: bright scents of lemon and sweet orange combined with lively, earth tones of bergamot create a vivacious and refreshing feel on your skin. Perfect for a morning boost of energy.

Peppermint Sensation: deep scents of peppermint oil create a tingly sensation on your skin that awakens your body and lifts your mood. Perfect for men and women.

Skin Silk Organic Lotion is made by Skin Silk in Highland, Utah.

Additional Information

Weight 9 oz
Lotion Scents

Citrus Delight, Lavender Bliss, Peppermint Sensation


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