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The Utah is a large and luxurious gift that fills 3 beautiful boxes measuring over 1 foot tall and holding 10 lbs of gourmet, premium, artisan, and handcrafted products. From hand stitched leather items to gourmet chocolate to a hand blown glass heart, this gift box set represents the best items Utah has to offer. All items inside The Utah gift box set are made in Utah with the specialized skill that makes each product one of a kind. Includes three beautiful boxes in different sizes, handmade floral bow with gold sheer fabric and enclosure card.

Product Description

The Utah Contents

All items in this gift box are made in Utah: hand blown glass heart, handcrafted caramel popcorn, premium muffin mix, gourmet taffy, 2 gourmet truffle bars, beeswax Utah candle, handmade lotion, handmade lip balm, 2 artisan soaps, raw honey, premium honey wine vinegar, gourmet syrup, handmade jam, gourmet caramels, handmade lollipal, organic toothpaste, barbecue seasoning, brownie mugging, hand stitched leather wallet, hand stitched leather buckle wrist band. A beautiful Utah gift filled with favorite Utah products.

The Utah is made by Utah Makes in American Fork, Utah.


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Weight 188 oz


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